Graduate Readmission Application

    This application is only to be used for readmission to the graduate program in which you were previously enrolled in a graduate program at the Tisch School of the Arts.

    You must file this application if: (1) you need further course work to complete the degree and you are not currently enrolled or (2) an approved leave of absence has lapsed or (3) you have failed to maintain matriculation by fee. Undergraduate students should not use this form. They should contact their department for information on how to obtain the correct application.

    Readmission is contingent on a number of factors which include but are not limited to: customary time limit to complete the degree as specified in the policies of the School; re-validation of course work and its relevancy to the current requirements of the degree; the availability of space in the program; willingness of the student to enroll in and complete all necessary course work and requirements, including additional classes, projects and assignments as defined by the current degree requirements. Students in programs that require completion of a written thesis, thesis project or doctoral dissertation where there is a provision for maintaining matriculation by fee may be required to pay any and all accrued fees during their absence.

    Students who have been absent for more than three years from the last term of enrollment are advised to contact the Department before filing this application.

    Submit this application along with a one page statement that gives a brief account of your activities during your absence and formulates a plan of action for completion of all outstanding coursework, required projects, thesis or dissertation, etc. and provides a timetable for graduation.

    Readmission deadlines are as follows:

    September 1st for Fall readmission

    January 1st for Spring readmission

    May 1st for Summer readmission

    Academic Information

    Biographical Information

    Contact Information
    Mailing Address
    Mailing Address

    New York University reserves the right to refuse readmission to any applicant who, in the University’s judgment, is not qualified. Students are expected to familiarize themselves and comply with the rules of conduct, academic regulations, and established practices of the University and the Tisch School of the Arts. If, pursuant to such rules, regulations or practices, the withdrawal of a student is required before the end of the term for which tuition has been paid, a refund will be made in accordance with the University’s standard schedule for refunds. Official records and credentials cannot be returned.
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